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Getting Started

This guide will take you through setting up a Connector in SyncHive.

SyncHive relies on Connectors to move data between itself and other systems. Each Connector has at least one Integration, which tells SyncHive where to send data. For example, let's look at connecting Shopify, Salesforce, and Power BI. Each platform has its own Connector, with at least one Integration for each external system. In our example, Shopify has two Integrations, one for the NZ system and another for the AU system.

In this guide, we'll walk you through sending and receiving data in your Connector using SyncHive. SyncHive uses Messages to transfer data between Connectors and external systems. The Connector's job is to convert these Messages into data that fits the external system's requirements and then send it there.

Let's start by sending messages to SyncHive.