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Common Issues

  • Q: I get a 401 Unauthorised error when I try to publish data to SyncHive.
    • A: This is likely due to an issue with your Connector's Registration configuration. Review your Registration configuration found on the Connector detail page "Registration" tab.
  • Q: My Connector is not receiving data from SyncHive.
    • A: There may be a number of reasons for this. Checking SyncHive's log messages is the best place to start your troubleshooting.
  • Q: I get a 204 success response when using the publish API to send data to SyncHive but my data does not show up in the Explore UI.
    • A: A 204 response from the publish API doesn't guarantee that your data has been saved in to SyncHive. Check SyncHive's log messages for more information.

Log Messages

Log messages can be found under "Operate", "Logging" in the SyncHive app. Log messages are collected per Integration and are presented as such in the SyncHive app UI. You may also view log messages by Store if your troubleshooting requires less granularity.