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Identifiable Item


Almost all classes inherit some basic properties from a root class called IdentifiableItem.

An identifiable item is simply a thing that has an identity — i.e. something that has a primary key.

IdentifiableItems are never explicitly constructed. The class is used as a root class for other classes

Data Definitions

Data TypeField NameRulesAbout
AttributeFieldattributeFieldZero to ManyRefer to: Atttribute Field
ExtensionFieldextendedByZero to ManyRefer to: Extension Field
ExternalIDexternalIdentityZero to ManyRefer to: External ID
RecordedByUserrecordedByZero to ManyRefer to: Recorded By User
StringsourceSystemCodeZero or OneRefer to: Source System
StringsourceSystemIDZero or OneRefer to: Source System
StringuniqueTextExactly OneA unique primary key for the item assigned by SyncHive.