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Bill Of Materials


A document that stores data related to the Bill of Materials.

Please note that, there is currently no functionality available for storing data as a BillOfMaterials shape. Also, it utilizes a placeholder root class temporarily named BillOfMaterialsPlaceHolder.

Data Definitions


Data TypeField NameRulesAbout
AttributeFieldattributeFieldZero to ManyRefer to: Atttribute Field
BillOfMaterialsItembillOfMaterialsItemZero to ManyA component of the Bill of Materials.
DecimalbaseQuantityZero or OneThe field is typically the quantity of the main or primary component or item needed to produce one unit of the final product. Which can serve as a reference point for calculating the quantities of other materials and components required for the assembly or production process.
ExtensionFieldextendedByZero to ManyRefer to: Extension Field
ExternalIDexternalIdentityZero to ManyRefer to: External ID
RecordedByUserrecordedByZero to ManyThe user who captured the sales order in the originating system
StringalternateIdZero or OneThe alternate unique identifier of the bill of materials. The alternateId is an Alternate Key.

Bill of Materials Item

A "Bill of Materials (BOM) item" refers to an individual component, part, or raw material that is listed within a Bill of Materials. In a BOM, each item is a distinct element or entity that contributes to the construction or assembly of a final BillOfMaterials.

Data TypeField NameRulesAbout
ProductcatalogItemExactly 1The component Product for this BOM item.
StringlineNumberZero or OneThe line number for this BOM item help to order / sequence items in the BOM.
MagnitudequantityExactly 1The Magnitude (unit and amount) of the Product needed for this BOM item.