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Recorded By Users


A RecordByUser is used to record which user created a document, and when, and which user last modified a document, and when.

Data Definitions

Data TypeField NameRulesAbout
StringcreatedByUserCodeZero or Onethe user who created the document
DateTimecreatedOnZero or Onethe date the document was created on
StringexternalSystemCodeExactly OneRefer to: Source System
StringmodifiedByUserCodeZero or Onethe user who last modified the document
DateTimemodifiedOnZero or Onethe date the document was last modified on
StringuniqueTextExactly OneRefer to: Identifiable Item

Sample JSON

An example product initial created at 2022-10-14T05:32:25Z and then modified at 2022-10-14T05:32: 25.467Z:

"@type": "BillingDocument",
"externalIdentity": [
"@type": "ExternalID",
"internalType": "BillingDocument",
"externalSystemCode": "SapS4",
"externalId": "90058099"
"recordedBy": [
"@type": "RecordedByUser",
"externalSystemCode": "SapS4",
"createdByUserCode": "CB9980000233",
"createdOn": "2022-10-14T05:32:25Z",
"modifiedOn": "2022-10-14T05:32:25.467Z",
"uniqueText": "91a49d93-4252-4c54-81b1-887cefba46dc"